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Technology That Powers Commerce

One-stop payment solutions with industry specific features to help you build, track, and optimize growth.


We’re Here to Revolutionize the World of Payment Processing

Welcome to integrated payments and banking solutions that allow companies to collect, store and send money on a scalable native platform – the only one of its kind in the industry.


With Marlin Tech, there are none of the risks associated with cobbled together solutions, meaning transactions are faster, cash flow is accelerated, and implementation is quick and easy. Our advanced platforms and expertise make Marlin Tech the best value in the business.


The payment experience is an important part of the customer experience. We help small, medium, and enterprise level businesses manage all the critical aspects of running a business from a single source. Our technology is built for the future of unified commerce.


Fully Integrated, Uncompromisingly Sustainable Solutions

Payments Ecosystem


Partner Accounts


New Merchant Onboards / mo

Featuring everything from billing to
sales tracking to customer engagement,
MX Merchant streamlines and
manages all critical aspects of business.
All from one source.

Key Features
● Virtual terminal and Mobile App with print, email and text receipts
● CRM with account vault for card and ACH data
● Reporting & insightful analytics tracking customer habits
● Access to Valuable Add-on Apps:
○ Invoice and Recurring Billing
○ ACH options
○ Surcharging and More!



Annual Transactions


Annual Card Volume

Take the tedious work out of updating
vaulted payment data with the MX
Account Updater. When outdated info
leads to declined sales, asking
customers for new payment details can
be an inconvenience and costly
maintenance. With the MX Account
Updater, customer card and ACH
account details are automatically
updated when:
● Expiration dates change
● Cards are lost/stolen
● Accounts are closed
● Bank changes/upgrades



Merchant Accounts


Integrated Revenue

MX Advantage provides a one-stop-shop for
fee-based processing. Add value and create
customer loyalty seamlessly with these MX
Advantage integrated solutions:
● MX Quick Pay Virtual Terminal
● MX Invoice (excluding Convenience Fee)
● MX Payment Links
● MX QuickBooks Sync


Industry Leading Technology With Global Impact

With access to a growing database of over
95 billion transactions from nearly 2 billion
card holders, MX Insights distills Big
Data into actionable insights about your
customers and local competitors.
MX Insights provides a 360-degree business overview, empowering data-driven decisions
that drive growth. Gain deeper insights into customer behavior with real-time analytics and
customizable dashboards. Optimize operations, and achieve business goals faster. Get ahead
of the competition with MX Insights.

Passing Credit Card


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Maintained Deposits


Merchant Accounts

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Join Over 800K+ People Using Our Technology

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