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Contactless Payment

Discover Features and Integrations

One-stop payment solutions with industry specific features to help you build, track, and optimize growth.


Omni-channel Integration

Whether you're running a restaurant, launching a retail location, or accepting donations, our world-class POS solutions are quick to implement and easy to use.

Drive Business Forward
with an Entire Payments

Featuring everything from billing to
sales tracking to customer engagement,
MX Merchant streamlines and
manages all critical aspects of business.
All from one source.

Key Features
● Virtual terminal and Mobile App with print, email and text receipts
● CRM with account vault for card and ACH data
● Reporting & insightful analytics tracking customer habits
● Access to Valuable Add-on Apps:
○ Invoice and Recurring Billing
○ ACH options
○ Surcharging and More!

Grow Profits While Saving
Money with Marlin Tech’s
Fully Compliant Suite of

MX Advantage provides a one-stop-shop or
fee-based processing. Add value and create
customer loyalty seamlessly with these MX
Advantage integrated solutions:
● MX Quick Pay Virtual Terminal
● MX Invoice (excluding Convenience Fee)
● MX Payment Links
● MX QuickBooks Sync


Seamless User Experience

Our Unified Commerce Engine (Passport)
provides partners with feature rich,
industry specific Point of Sale and
Treasury Management applications to
collect, store and send money on a simple
intuitive platform.

MX Invoice is a cutting-edge invoicing
and recurring billing solution that
simplifies billing processes, streamlines
payments, and increases cash flow.

MX Invoice automates the recurring billing
processes, saving time and money, and ensures
on-time payments.
● Email, Text and Print Receipts.
● Get paid faster with MX Invoice.

Hassle-free Payment
Collection with
MX Invoice

Take the tedious work out of updating
vaulted payment data with the MX
Account Updater. When outdated info
leads to declined sales, asking
customers for new payment details can
be an inconvenience and costly
maintenance. With the MX Account
Updater, customer card and ACH
account details are automatically
updated when:
● Expiration dates change
● Cards are lost/stolen
● Accounts are closed
● Bank changes/upgrades

● Declines and uninterrupted payments,
thus increasing revenue
● Costs associated with manually updating
card data
● Risk of service cancellation
● Risks associated with staff handling
sensitive data

Keep Vaulted Payment
Data Current &
Secure - Handsfree

● Optimizes interchange qualification for
B2B and B2G purchases
● Supports ability to enter customized Level
2 and 3 data
● Populates incorrect or missing data to
secure best possiblerates
● Passes savings to merchants on Pass
Thru Plus pricing plans
● Reduces expense without sacrificing profit

Maximize Savings with the
MX B2B Interchange

An easy to install and use iOS and Android
App solution purpose built to accept mobile
payments and access comprehensive
transactional data on a phone or tablet.
Free to download and fast to set up, use
MX Express to accept credit or debit card
payments, add optional gratuity, create
customerreceipts for print, email, and SMS
text delivery, and access comprehensive
transactional data available anytime,

Transact on the Go.

With access to a growing database of over
95 billion transactions from nearly 2 billion
card holders, MX Insights distills Big
Data into actionable insights about your
customers and local competitors.
MX Insights provides a 360-degree business overview, empowering data-driven decisions
that drive growth. Gain deeper insights into customer behavior with real-time analytics and
customizable dashboards. Optimize operations, and achieve business goals faster. Get ahead
of the competition with MX Insights.

Integrated Big Data.

Collect even more with our integrated ACH
processing platform. ACH provides
cost efficient electronic transactions and
streamlines accounting operations.

ACH has multiple AAPs (Accredited
ACH Professionals) on staff and is one of
the few processors in the nation entrusted
with a Federal Terminal on-site providing
earlier responses for return information and
exception handling with the latest possible
cut-off times.

ACH offers the most advanced online
reporting capabilities — all in real time. Measure
results with a myriad of checks and balances for
all transactions and reports for analysis.

Integrated ACH Transactions.
Piece of Cake.

Save time and simplify financial
reconciliation with MX QuickBooks
Sync. This powerful app automatically
syncs payments, customer profiles, and
invoices created in MX Merchant to
Intuit’s QuickBooks Online. Easy to
activate, MX QuickBooks Sync
eliminates manual data entry and
enables businesses to reallocate
resources to more productive pursuits.

● Updates Customerand Invoice
Data in Real-Time
● Syncs Credit Card and ACH
Payments Daily
● Automates Data Entry and
Improves SalesTracking

Sync Payment Data
to QuickBooks Online

Priority is a leading developer of innovative Point of Sales (POS) technology for
the restaurant and retail industries via our in-house MX POS platform.
Integration with Marlin Tech’s MX Merchant platform provides a complete POS
and business management solution including hardware and software to meet the
needs of almost any retail or restaurant business.
● Inventory Management
● 100% Cloud Based Solution
● Payments Acceptance Built-in
● Back-office Multi Language Support
● 24/7/365 Tech Support & Upgrades
● Real-time Online Reporting
● 600+ Features

World-class POS solutions tailored to your business.

e|tab is Marlin Tech’s Online Ordering Platform and is most often used for restaurants that facilitate carryout, curbside, delivery, and catering orders, but may also be configured as a eCommerce site for other types of merchants and allows merchants to leverage their existing web presence and branding to help generate orders and build brand loyalty.

Promote Your Brand

Without Emptying
Your Pockets

Marlin Tech’s Landlord Station offers a unique suite of real estate and property management solutions for independent landlords and
property managers. Our online platform provides tools from a single,
secure, web-based application. From that platform, the landlord or property manager can access applications, tenant screenings, online
rent payments, document storage, maintenance requests, and more!

Simple & Affordable Property
Management Solutions

Get Started, Today.

Give Patients Many Ways to Pay
● At time of service or after the visit
● One-item or over time
● In person or online
● Accept credit and debit, and ACH

Keep Patient Records Safe and
● HIPAA + PCI-DSS compliant
portal and account vault
● EMV Compliant card readers for
card present dip, tap or swipe
● Email or text invoices with an
embedded “click to pay” link
● Patient-facing portal for those who
prefer to pay securely online

Power Up PayRight with Optional
MX Merchant Apps
● Offset cost of acceptance with
MX Advantage
● Accept check and ACH payments
● Keep card-on-file credentials
current with MX Account Updater
● Sync PayRight payments to
QuickBooks Online with MX
QuickBooks Sync

Leader in Healthcare Payments Optimization

Passport is Marlin Tech’s unified
commerce engine that seamlessly
integrates payments, treasury and
banking solutions to allow merchants and
businesses to quickly and easily collect,
store, and send money with full regulatory

Card Processing
Card Issuing
Pay Fac

Data Warehouse
Business Intelligence
Data Science

Virtual Accounts
Check Processing /Recon
Bill Payments


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