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Integrate our fast, secure payments into your platform

Marlin Tech's APIs let you easily integrate our end-to-end payments and robust analytics into your applications. Give your users a premium transaction experience while building business or entirely new revenue streams.


Embedded Commerce Platform

If you are a developer looking to embed commerce into your application, A simple API integration connects you to our Unified Commerce Platform Passport. Less complexity, lower cost – quickly and easily collect, store, and send money with full regulatory compliance.

Key Features

  • FDIC insured accounts with debit cards 

  • Collect, store and send money using multiple payment system rails

  • Recurring payments 

  • Account ledgers & reconciliation

  • Ticket based exception & escalations 

  • Bulk services 

  • Reporting & BI


SMB Payments Application

The ultimate payment-processing solution is right here. Featuring everything from billing to sales tracking to customer engagement, MX™ Merchant streamlines and manages all critical aspects of your business. All from one source. 

Key Features

  • Get access to your card proceeds instantly in a Passport Account

  • A customization dashboard to track customer data and performance 

  • Void, return and tip adjustment within payment history 

  • Accept credit card payments with customized tip functionality 

  • View payments by batch and close open batches 

  • Print, email and text receipts to your customers

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Consumer Payments Application

Best-in-class technology and support for debt settlement, consumer finance and wellness. CFTPay is a secure payment processing and FDIC-insured escrow account banking platform purpose-built for consumer finance businesses. Power your platform with transaction monitoring, draft authorization audits, fee collection practice monitoring, and more.

Key Features

  • FDIC-insured escrow account banking

  • Built for debt settlement industry 

  • Collect money – store money – send money 

  • Account ledgers & reconciliations


Start your business journey with us

Our experts are here to help you leverage our APIs to better your business. Let’s talk about your goals.

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B2B Payments Application

Automate 100% of your accounts payable (AP) to reduce cost and generate cash back when paying your suppliers. Our end-to-end payments platform ramps up monetized payments and productivity while cutting processing costs. Take B2B payments to the next level with CPX.

Key Features

  • Everything featured in CPX’s UI is available in our API suite

  • Create/Query payment APIs

  • Buyer and supplier creation and modification

  • Custom platform-side file mapping

  • Fully customizable push alerts

  • “On the fly” payment file creation

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