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Powerful POS Systems Designed Specifically for Retail

MX™ Retail is highly customizable to meet your business requirements. Be it a retail shop, a bakery, or a grocery store, our versatility will match and support your unique business needs.
Our aim is to enhance the overall operations of your upscale restaurant by providing top-notch guest experiences, ensuring optimal profit margins, effectively managing your staff, and offering tailor-made solutions.


MXM POS is a restaurant POS System that fast tracks your business operations. It’s an all-in-one platform that delivers every major feature, integration, and tool that restaurants need to manage their business.

Simple ordering process & inventory management

Easy Table Layout

Multiple Languages Available

Pizza Builder

Tableside Ordering and Payments

Kitchen Display System

EMV Payments - Chip Card and Apple Pay

Advanced Reporting

Abstract Clouds

The Integrations You Need

Build your e-commerce platform through Priority's exclusive partnership with WIX.

Having a web presence is crucial for your business, whether it's for local or remote customers. We understand your time is valuable, so we work with you directly to ensure the setup process is quick and efficient. Wix offers solutions for any type of business with features like CRM, recurring payments, and marketing tools. And if you already have a website or a Wix account, we can seamlessly integrate our services.


MX™ Restaurant automatically synchronizes all your sales, stock, inventory, and product data at the end of each day or in real-time, resulting in significant time savings and enhanced accuracy for your business operations. Additionally, MX™ Restaurant is integrated with key accounting platforms like Xero and QuickBooks.

Online Ordering

MXM POS Suite offers an integrated online ordering platform that simplifies restaurant operations and boosts sales with intelligent food ordering software. Our exclusive integration with e|tab® allows you to create a branded online ordering system with personalized website URL and user experience. MXM POS handles order routing and BOH while e|tab® enables effortless online ordering, cultivates customer loyalty, and helps you acquire more business directly to your ordering site, driving margin and cutting out middlemen.

Gift Cards and Loyalty

MXM POS Suite offers comprehensive gift card functionality through partnerships with third-party providers like Factor4 and GiftYa. TMXM POS's loyalty program links customer profiles to a built-in rewards module, enabling customers to earn and redeem points with each purchase. The platform supports both physical and digital gift cards, with rolling balances that encourage repeat business. MXM POS's gift card platform works seamlessly across multiple stores, making it a flexible solution for businesses with single or multiple locations. The platform facilitates easy activation, loading, and redemption of gift card value across all locations.


Let's Get You Started

Tell us a little about your business, and we'll get you set up with the tools you need to be successful

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